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Welcome to our Internet Store ! *** TO BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, YOU ARE GETTING PAYPAL PROTECTION ! *** oooooo oooooo. 10 August 2011 . 3GHz) transverter with 432MHz IF. The overcurrent protection is realized using fast blow fuses and overvoltage transients are suppressed using TVS diodes. The high-performance transverter TR432H with its outstanding specifications is the combined result of a circuit design using state-of-the-art components and of Kuhne Electronic's long experience in microwave transverters. 24GHz TX Tx/RX Coax Relais SMA ANT Multiband 24GHz 5 1 OGHz 5. 0 kB 144MHz/28MHz Receive-Converter Braun_LT470. You’ve likely heard of QO-100, or Es’hail 2. Το ενδιαφέρον αυτής της κατασκευής είναι πως σχεδόν όλα τα υλικά ήταν ήδη διαθέσιμα στο απόθεμα του shack Earth Moon Earth (EME) Radio Communications has 2,355 members. A 13cm (2. More. 0 KB 432MHz/144MHz Transverter Schematic Braun_RX420. 23 cm equipment 13cm DB6NT transverter : 1Watt out on 13cm : Yes, that's 13cm : G4CCH - 144 to 28MHz low power transverter : My attempt at G4DDK's VLNA for 23cm - 0. RF HAMDESIGN design and manufacture a wide range of RF DISH Feeds. TX: 2C39 with 80 Watt output . February 14, 2013: Transverter done ! Made in RD Congo The next dreams and when it will be possible, (spare time, parts. . pdf 2. pdf 269. It produces 50mW and has a 0. The DEM-TC also contains 9V regulated circuitry for the transverter, AUX switching controls, and a 24V relay driver that allows the use of common SMA relays with the transverter. COM #3 - But its Too Technical for me! Transceiver Transverter Low loss coax Yagi Transceiver Transverter Cheap coax Dish Georg holds Tommy`s (WD5AGO) converter for 13cm. 13cm = Minikits transverter and 2 watt PA. The basic transverter (top) is based on DB6NT’s MK1 version as published in DUBUS 3/93. Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa My 13cm transverter output is around 400mW, this is not enough to drive the main three brick stage so instead I will leave the 25W driver board in place and attenuate my transverter output to around 10mW. R' between 1k and 5k Figure 22. no add on 70cm linear amplifier. Dish: offset 80 cm. 23cm, 13cm, 6cm. Now that we are home we learned that our signal was well heard. I’ve removed the original and at the moment I’m using an external diode. 15 September 2011 . A brief look at my Ham Radio transverter system for the 2. Milan OK1VHF is SK. With a 2m IF 144 MHz would come out at 2304 MHz. Hairpin de   John's homebrew pages. 3 Watts The CT1FFU DXPatrol transverter MK2 (v2. Covers the SSB/CW/FM and Satellite segments of 13cm band. How do you get on 23 cm 1296. 080 . Flashing red: No 10 Mhz (pll lock lost) Modification split RX TX connector. When at home with 28v available, I use it with the 120w amp. co. Bu seçeneğe girdiğinizde sizden transverter offset frekansı girmenizi ister. the transverter does not support 2. 4 mm. net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). Local Oscillator.  13cm Projects - Transceivers 2,3 GHz Transverter durch DB6NT Durch die Verwendung moderner Bauteile konnte ein 13 cm Transverter entwickelt werden, der trotz seiner kleinen mechanischen Abmessungen sehr gute technische Daten besitzt. (see curves in the 13cm filter section) Ham radio web site. DC-AC up-converter For a while I operated on 23cm with just my IC-910 with it’s UX-910 module, this was only 10w. The antennas in the photo are: 2 metre/9 element Tonna, 13cm/25 element Tonna, 70cm/21 element Tonna, 23cm/35 element Tonna and 3cm/40cm dish. So I dug out my IC-706IIg and fired it up and found that it works. Started off with a VK5EME 13cm kit and LO. I thought that I'd Having finished the 13cm Transverter it was time to consider an amplifier. The 23cm transverter follows the same principle to prevent breakthrough as described in the 13cm transverter. 13,8 volt. The G6ALU 23cm 18W Power Amplifier Many amateurs have adopted the Comtech demonstration module as an easy entry into 23cms ATV transmission. I know, but this topic specifically mentioned the use with a SG-LAB transverter, which I agree it fits well due to input power, but I think 40W output power is not very useful for QO100 narrowband. 4 GHz bir transverter ile 13cm bandında çalışmaya başlamayı düşünüyorum. We also have a band at 2400-2450 MHz. Spec says 26V at 16A, so the efficiency is extremely low, but it was cheap. 7 amps or so standing current. The SMD resistor marked with 'O' was removed from the original position and soldered in the direction of the RX connector. pdf - 1. It would be useful for QO100 ATV but there you usually don't use this transverter. First of all I needed to register my interest in 13cm with OFCOM as the band is shared. This transverter can deliver about 25w on it's own, and runs on 12v, making it suitable for portable service. 9dB noise figure. 100w 23cm Transverter 60w 23 cm Amplifier 23 CM Beacon 23cm Signal Generator 23cm Double Quad 23cm filters 13cm filter 13cm Signal Generator 13cm Transverter 120w 13 cm Amplifier 300w 33cm Amplifier 33cm filter 33 cm Crystal Source 33cm Signal Generator 9cm Transverter Transverter Selector 12 AND 28 volts Klitzing Amplifiers IC-910H tweaks This NEW DB6NT transverter for 5760 MHz. The first 720 MHz oscillator for the 23cm rover transverter was the same one. Bulgarian transverter. 0 MB 144MHz/432MHz SSB/FM/AM Dinleme işinde başarılı olduktan sonra , 2. TACLOG. NEW! MKU 13 G2 Transverter for 23cm Band (1269 MHz . Thinking of watercooling it. I suspect my attempt to reproduce the PCB was not as good as it Building this transverter was not very difficult. Transverter for 23cm amateur radio band. NO, it should not be a transverter and can not replace a transverter. The dish is the same as for 23 cm. - eHam. Sequencer PCB and IF input circuit are still prototypes. Basic Kits Do Not include connectors, miscellaneous hardware, enclosure, and require other Kit products etc. 2 MHz, and in this frequency most WiFi antennas simply suck. First of all I’ve actually obtained the sg-lab. $200 US plus $12 S&H. My MK1 13cms station, like my 23cms station, had to share mast space with other bands. In order to be able to excite the Kuhne amplifiers and transverter from a USRP SDR with 10 mW max output power, an intermediate stage is required. is a complete 5760 MHz. or 1296 MHz. 4 gig on the cat (and i am guessing that you use not a 13cm rig with cat but a 70cm rig with upconverter??) so then again you have to do some math (2. The 144 MHz driving power is approx. This was fed from the old Microwave Modules 70cm transverter (so not ref. The output power of the converter is 100mW maximum, enought to power a RF 2. Though traditional standards for the exact length of an inch have varied, it is equal to exactly 25. Lokal oscillatoren i min 13cm transverter skulle også låses, regne maskinen stoppede med en løsning hvor LO signal tages inden det dobles til blander 1088Mhz. Microwave Projects 2 [Andy Barter] on Amazon. For support matters please contact us by E-Mail, see our contact RF HAMDESIGN page. W1GHZ rover 1296 MHz transverter 432 MHZ IF by 9A4QV 2011-03-01 W1GHZ rover 1296 MHz transverter (modified), with RMS-30 mixer, and INA-02186 (N02) at the RX side. Information about Howard Ling - G4CCH, 70cm, 23cm , 13cm and 9cm Moonbounce using CW, SSB and JT65. DUBUS articles online. VHF uzak mesafesine ilk başladığımda evdeki TS-480 HX telsizim ile SSB VHF kullanabilmek için bu tür bir transverter aldım. Once I had built it I wasn’t very happy with the stability of the finicky LO. Moray: "The Sea of Energy in   4 GHz or 13cm band. Transverter kit I have decided to build the Kuhne MKU 13G2B kit. O. The transverter uses a ADF4350 local oscillator and customSequencer driving a Spectrian 30W power amplifier board driven by the VK3XDK 2. The new design v 2. Yine yardımınıza koşan transverter oluyor. Transverter for 13 cm band datasheet  Le transverter DXPatrol MK2 (V2. We (VK1's) don't have any 23cm repeaters, so the repeater mode doesn't matter. Power supply . ) Covers the SSB/CW/FM and Satellite segments of 13cm band. In transmit it takes approximately 1 amp. 0) pour QO-100 de CT1FFU, permet d'émettre Livré avec : Carte Transverter 13cm DXPatrol MK2, livrée montée, testée et  Transverter 2302 / 144 MHz. I use a homemade W2IMU horn and a two-stage preamp (MGF1414/MGF1402). 4 gigahertz transverter and FT817. 4Ghz transmitter 2. Various coax relays and bits came from eBay. But it did good service for 2. The 6cm transverter never performed very well which I've put down to poor mixers. At UK DUBUS Archive and at F6HYE DUBUS Archive you can find many articles of the DUBUS magazine in PDF format (Acrobat Reader). Antennas will accept up to 1. 6 and am using it with a SDRPlay (and occasionally a LimeSDR) for receiving the QO-100 transponder and have configured an external radio (Icom IC-7100) which I am using to drive my 13cm transverter for TX. 3GHz) compact et sans réglage. Mesures sur transverter 13cm BVA EME de F6AJW v2. On 13cm, I was the northern-most station I heard! After purchasing this then discovered that the completed units are stocked in the UK by Kanga Products (www. Moving through the various functional blocks in the transverter we found The 13cm transverter is a real mixture of technologies and has evolved as a result of availability, rather than necessity. Secondly, I bought a UMTS amplifier module. - The 5-band El . The first stage in this project will be to create a new sequencer, much like the 13cm version, so we can switch the transverter, a VLNA and a co-ax relay. 2 W bis 5 W - The 4-band El Cuatro 23cm, 13cm, 9cm, 6cm (described herein) NO, it should not be a transverter and can not replace a transverter. 6cm Own design transverter , 5w PA and HJFET preamp. Transverter Dave Robinson WW2R, G4FRE Having used the DB6NT transverter on 13cm EME for a while, even though it is equipped with the crystal heater the drift was still an issue. So Das 13cm Band ist in unserem kleinen Land inmitten Europas sowieso ein "seltsames Ding". Since my last posting a few things happend. It is defined as 1⁄12 of a foot, also is 1⁄36 of a yard. The My 13 cm transverter was made by SG Laboratory Ltd in Bulgaria. pdf: file: 3184878: 24GHz_DMC_transverter. , DB6NT 1 von 1 Siehe Mehr. 4 GHz Es'Hail-2 / AMSAT Phase 4. IMHO Kuhne's one is better in terms of technical parameters, but when you look at value for money, this one wins. This is based on an SG Labs 13cm transverter, and a Spectrian PA. Ring on the jack plug gives you 25ms delay. I had two problems with my brand new Kuhne MKU 23 G4 transverter. It was a clear dry evening last night at 8. RX: nF = 0. I have two 13cms antennas, a JVL quadloop and a 60 cm dish. Böylece dünyanın 1/3 ünü sürekli gören bir uydu üzerinden haberleşmenin yolunu açmış olacağız sanırım. SG-Lab supply a HB9CV PCB yagi antenna with each transverter purchased, it's a great deal. I wanted, if possible, to use the Iceni barefoot i. I like to use a transverter, that is mast mountable. 23cm feed of thesame source. Material has been collected, transverter has been build, now working on the pwr amp and the new feedhorn. 3GHz) transverter with 432MHz IF I decided to try to move up the microwave bands one by one - so 13cm comes after 23cm. – A transceiver, (a transverter) and a Yagi • Higher bands – Difference is that transverter needs to be close to the antenna. 13cm (2300 – 2350 MHz) Click on any bold model number below to view or download a PDF manual. This transverter employs the latest advanced SHF techniques such as silver plated cavity resonators, Ceramic printed circut boards and the latest SMD devices. There is again SG-Lab, a complete transverter for about €200 with 1. Canceled SG-LAB 13cm (2300-2425Mhz) Transverter V1. Kronotek Scatter transverter 13cm product reviews by real people like you. Die Module unterstützen VOX via HF-Eingang (ab ca. I’ve just had an email to confirm that the 13cm SG Labs transverter I ordered in May is on its way - this is good, the lead time has been exactly as specified. 4Ghz receiver pal ntsc fstv sstv comtech module steve drury controller g6alu I bought an eBay Spectrian 75W amplifier for 13cm to go with the Kuhne transverter. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Endkundenshop main_nav Produkte Meta-Description. ATV 13cm. Recently I needed to " upgrade" my 23cm transverter to . The SG Labs transverter can stand several watts of 70cm drive, but the barefoot Iceni only generates 50mW. downeastmicrowave. Please refer to the 23cm ( 1296MHz ) Transverter Webpage and 23cm Block Diagram which will explain in more detail what is required to construct a complete Transverter. 5 Watt PEP output. In addition to the Spectrian base plate, I have mounted the Spectrian onto another 6mm aluminium plate for extra heatsinking capability. 900 - 2302. the general performance of the transverter; its duplication has been further simplified. - The VK band is 2300-2302 MHz. uk we offer Low Prices, A wide range of accessories with Fast Worldwide Delivery. New PA on 13cm in shack with 125W output to 22m 7/8" Heliax cable. 13-cm transverter from SG Labs. Typical examples are SSB, CW, ATV and DATV (digital amateur television). 2 MB No-tune transverter 1296MHz AOR_Telecom_Mini400. G4BAO's 45W PA is built and I have one decent (12GHz) SMA coaxial relay here with another one ordered from EBay. For sale is this 70Mhz transverter, has a baker lite two pin a and three pin dc. Design Very High Performance Transverter for 144 MHz 1. Contacts: str. Ham Radio Transverters (28 to 144 I have an old broken MM Transverter but it has seen but I have managed to put up a dual band feed for 23 and 13cm on a 1. As a result of this decision (not taken lightly) I do have some spare parts and if you are wanting to build a transverter yourself I may be able to help with some of the parts, but not complete kits. This transverter is suited for home, hilltop or can be used for roving. 6dB noise figure of a standard 144MHz Anglian but "do the maths" and you'll see that with a low noise transverter in front of it, it's just not necessary. Out of the box, this 13cm A 13cm / 2403 MHz Power Amp Stage . :) The supplied antennas offer the user the ability to get on air quickly and without a major investment in other antennas and expensive low loss coax. Searching in the wardrobe I rediscovered the metalwork that I assembled for a 13cm 13. There is provision for a low level (+10dBm ) output on the rear panel which when selected disengages the internal PA's. SG-Labs 23cm transverter Ok the transverter isnt vintageish but the prime  Udstyr til 13 cm er imidlertid ikke det mest tilgængelige. Short Wave Modules. All three of us had the same setup holding the antenna out of or near a window. transverter 2. 1. Mesures sur transverters 13cm no-tune type F6BVA transformés. It’s the first geostationary satellite carring an amateur radio payload. Pout>=2W . If a 10 MHz reference frequency is not available, the internal crystal oscillator of the transverter can be used. But 3cm remained very quiet. Transverter 2300 / 430 MHz. Release 2. For other 13cm band plans scheme just drive the other L. Mechanical HAM Radio Equipment. kanga-products. Moonbounce - 13cm. This crystal oscillator is frequency stabilized by our  The Mini-Kits 13cm Band 2. 6cm transverter. The next goal was becoming operational on 13cm. 9cm = W1GHZ transverter design and 2 watt Minikits PA. 5 cm Band 1980/3 Home-Made Parabolic Dishes for Microwave Applications S Reithofer, DL6MH 139 - 145 1980/3 Waveguide for the 24 GHz Band E Schaefer, DL3ER 146 - 147 1981/1 Coaxial SHF Connectors Constructed from Bicycle Tire Valves E Schaefer, DL3ER 36 - 37 Transverter 13cm multi-bande · Mesures sur print Argenté ici. to VHF, and the second step is from VHF to UHF. US7107015B2 - ISM band to U-NII band frequency transverter · Read More MKU 23 G4, 13 cm Transverter - Kuhne Electronic Amateur · Read More  10 Mar 2010 The A. The transverter is used as my "terrestrial" transverter and incorporates a homebrew 3W amp and the DEMI 8 W amplifier. The transverter utilizes the very handy inhibit feature of my Yaesu FT-897, and is also powered from the ACC connector of the rig. The entire transverter fits nicely into a Jaycar HB-5556 instrument case. Upcoming: 2320MHz transverter Βασίζεται στον χαμηλού κόστους και απλής σχεδίασης πυρήνα του W 1 GHZ . When at home with 28v available, I use it with the  17 Feb 2019 interesting to locate one of the new SG Labs low power 23 or 13cm . Next is to build an SSPA based on ex 3G/UMTS equipment. •A transverter to produce 2. 3 GHz Equipment. Now to connect it to my 13cm EME system and check that any low level stray radiation in the 124MHz airband is acceptable. Covers 23cm-13cm 13cm (13cm Power Amplifier) Mixers for 47GHz & 76 GHz Quadrature Hybrids for 1. F5DQK – novembre 2014. Almost 20 years ago I built my own 23cm transverter – DF8QK. Seule documentation accessible sur www. 4 gig Photo and Figure captions Figure 1 Basic 1296MHz setup Figure 2 Two ways of implementing a masthead preamp Photo 1 23cm and 13cm antennas aren't that big! Photo credits Photo 1 G4BAO 1. A friend of mine had made the PCB (double-sided!) by hand and for that reason there were some small mismatches in aligning the component holes. Pagina dedicata agli schemi di accessori di varie marche This is a complete TX/RX module transverter for TX and RX 13cm or 23cm band. Of course we wanted to carry on with the round septum. pdf - 11. 4 GHz) transverter based on the W1GHZ transverter boards driving a Stealth 3. 84 KB; 4800 Baud Modem Daughter Board. 4 GHz or 13cm band. Flex 6000 series: Several amateurs successfully use radios in the Flex 6000 series for receive and transmit on the 630 and 2200 meter bands - but with a caveat: A low level transmit signal on these bands is available only from the transverter port and an external power amplifier and filtering is required. DUBUS magazine Archive . ROVER STATION. The transverter comes with a HB9CV antenna etched on a PCB which works really well. By PH4X in hardware, projects; Since last month I’m QRV on 2302 MHz to, with help from the LZ5HP transverter. ON4IY/m, ON4CDU/m, OR0C/m Power supply 24 volt 1 A. 472 KHz Transverter & Transceiver . 4 GHz, SOTA 23cm, Summits on the Air 23cm Transverter – Tripod Platform and Bi-Quad Antenna Mount This Transverter cannot be used or modified for use above 2400MHz due to the SAW filters. Only at eHam. 6cm = W1GHZ transverter design and 1 watt Minikits PA. 2m Following my changes to the 3cm and 13cm setup to become more portable, I decided it was only fitting to re-make the 23cm setup I made back here. Kuhne MKU 23 G4 13cm transverter teardown | G4DBN · Read More  Then a blessing came out of no were to the availability of 180 watt 13cm amplifiers. Hi Friends, Here my new 13cm 2320Mhz Transverter outdoor done! 73 Georges 9Q1EK - VE2EK Amateur Radio Website [IMG] 13cm transmitter 13cm receiver 23cm transmitter 23cm receiver Video sender video receiver video transmitter 2. It's a hybrid, and consists of a basic DEMI transverter board kit, a driver board out of a Spectrian amplifier, and my own T/R control board. L'idée de ce projet est la réalisation d'un transverter 23cm (1. 4 GHz or 13cm) but the major issue with is that it will only produce around +17 to +18dBm (50mW to 60 About 6 months ago I started on a suitable transverter based on some components I had lying around. But unfortunately in this area of the world narrow band work in the 13cm band is done around 2320. 8V PA module that was the driver module inside the Spectrian amplifier which was being sold by PyroJoe on ebay. 2 x 12 volt batteries in series 16 Ah each. pdf 3. ON4SHF/M. 3GHz High Performance Transverter Kit is a no tune design and can be used with a 5 watt VHF or UHF Transceiver. 3GHz (13cm, največkrat 2360MHz), ki jo bom opisal v tem . Dubus Archives of articles 1982-1992: click on the link for the article you want Link Title Pages Size Author 8203-1 13 cm transverter 8p 375k DF5QZ 8203-2 13 cm power amplifier 3p 103k DC8UG 8301-1 6 cm linear amplifier 6p 308k DF5QZ 8301-2 Comments to a 70cm long yagi array 5p 274k SP1DSU 8301-3 IC402 modifications 5p 274k DC0HW 8301-4 Reflectometer with coaxial The resource is currently listed in dxzone. Up for saleNew Generation of UR3LMZ -Dual Band 144 MHz + 432 MHz transverter withhigh dynamic range. Refer to the 13cm 2400MHz Transverter Block Diagram for more information on what is required. RF HAMDESIGN and Whatsapp: WhatsApp: +31 650 882 889 Only during business hours, only in english or Dutch, only for sales matters. Microwave Projects 2 offers innovative projects from around the world. EME 23cm ODUF6ETI. The IF for this is 70cm & the local oscillator may be set to 1870, 1886, 1888 or 1968 MHz by jumpers 1 and 2. Ready to be put into box with 7W PA. Here are the details from Hristiyan regarding fixing the 13cm version. The main category is Transverter Kits that is about Homebrewing transverters, projects and kits. Antenna: 21 el Tonna at 8 Mtr. 1296-144CK 1296MHz transverter Complete Kit Manual Rev A Interdigital filters version 1995-2002 1296-144CK 1296MHz transverter Complete Kit Manual Rev D 3W version 2002-2008. Postage from Kuhne Elektroniks 😩 😩 😩 😩 😩 😩 😩 😩 😩 😩 I have been charged 136 euros to post my 24 ghz transverter, LNA and Local Osc to VK6 I rang them and they told me that is the only way they will ship anymore and it will be the same for any small package under 2kgs. ES-Hail sat 13/3cm geostacion ary transponder  eHam net Classifieds Kuhne TR 432 H 70cm Transverter · Read More . 13cm or 2. When I cam across SM6BGP website where he is using an IC-756PIII for transmit, and further on his website is a picture of someone using an IC-703. My post office is some distance from here, so I don't visit every day. On this page you find in the near future everything about my activities on 13 cm ATV. LEDs. Designed a new filter for 13cm because the current design i had was very narrow and had to much loss in the passband. Der Betrieb ist uns Funkamateuren nur von 2308 bis 2312 MHz erlaubt. This is a roadside layby just north of Wargrave, with clear views of the horizon in all directions. 4G transverter board behind that, and a Spectrian 30W PA mounted on the enclosure side. 70MHz / 4m transverter. 5GHz 25 Watt Power Amplifier. Splatters+ next uglinessfrom digitalmodeFT8 TX. 4Ghz receiver pal ntsc fstv sstv comtech module steve drury controller g6alu Communication was a little slow, but I was able to order a unit and pay with paypal. 630m 10w 6m 4 el Quad 100w 2m 8 el 180w 70cm 15 el, 100w 23cm 32 el 10 watts Toggle Calendar. 144 MHz + 432 MHz to 28 MHz Dual Band Transverter Board. Transverter fromLZ as well for 13cm. 4 MB 2m portable FM Transceiver Braun_EFU_2-10. "Magic 50" Just Another 50 MHz Transverter durch DF9CY With April, 1st 1990 German Amateurs were able to receive a special permission for operation in the 50. 864 MHz. 13cm Septum Feed. frequency. transverter housed in ONE module. In most parts of the world the 13cm ham band is (still) 2300-2450 MHz, and the WiFi band is 2400-2484. KUHNE ELECTRONIC GMBH Scheibenacker 3 95180 Berg Germany Tel. I may look at the 13cm (2300MHz) transverter at a later date – also from SG Lab and I will look then to see if Kanga have it first. 9 MB 432MHz/144MHz Transverter Manual Braun_LT702. 6GHz Blattzahl: Blatt-Nr. For advanced constructors due to the small SMD components that are used. Siehe Details auf eBay Amazon. Geostationary means it’s always in the same place in the sky, so no waving yagis about, and the amateur radio payload is a pair of transponders. 3456 MHz. The other side 13cm transverter (transmitting on the video) is using a crystal oscillator with the multiplier to reach the desired L. My equipment is spread into two different rooms and some provisions are made such I cannot transmit when the antenna is not connected or the amplifier is not switched on. This is how it looks. So lets say the Upconverters LO Converted 3456 RX converter to Transverter so QRV on both bands Worked G3LTF on sked: not as loud as 1st weekend Heard VK3NX, W5LUA and VE4MA on skeds, but they couldn’t hear me Just when I thought would only make 1 QSO worked LX1DB, just before his moon set Took feed to W5LUA to measure; circularity acceptable [Vk1-reflect] [VK-VHF] Circuit diagram please - my SG-Lab 13cm transverter has arrived. With more and more stations moving to the higher bands for bigger multipliers means everyone can enjoy building gear for such a weekend. 3GHz Rauscharmer 24GHz Vorverst ä rker Tetrode Power on 432 Transverter for 145 & 241 GHz EME Tracking Aid Using Lunar Thermal Noise on 13cm Folded Dipole Construction for Yogis Low Cost Autotracking for SAT and EME with ROTORSYS Signal Source for 24GHz 70 cm equipment. Finally I found a nice piece of aluminium and some relais at the HAMradio fair in Friedrichshafen. I found a frequency counter and RF power meter on my travels recently; Its an XL Microwave counter that measures up to 20GHz. Kuhne MKU 23 G4 13cm transverter teardown | G4DBN. 2 miles and then George M1GEO at 1. 8-DIP machined IC socket allows to For a while I operated on 23cm with  Results 1 - 48 of 3354 Stealth SM3437 Power Amplifier; 13cm Xvtr. ASL. Inches : An inch (symbol: in) is a unit of length. 4GHz transverter it fits perfectly into the Jaycar HB-5556 instrument case. I use SG-Lab's 23 and 13cm transverters for the amateur radio… To byu full compllete TRANSVERTER KIT (transverter board, attenuator board, all connectors and etc. 2009 Transmit/receive switching of the entire transverter is being controlled by a positive voltage The transverter is working with a 100 Watts GaAs-FET amplifier stage and a noise figure of 0,65 dB. Yesterday I mounted the UMTS module on the cooling frame. 2) offers better performance and some new functions. net. Mark M0UFC has kindly loaned me the Bolton Wireless Club’s ‘Phoenix Transverter’ which gives an output of around 400mw. 7/ F1LVO images. 23cms is a great band to get an introduction to microwaves and several equipment manufacturers make transverters for 1. 4GHz power amplifier to give a few watts at the feed • SG-Labs 70cm to 13cm transverter (GPS 10MHz) This page was last modified on 31 July 2016, at 14:46. Moving through the various functional blocks in the transverter we found The receiver was working quite ok, it was very close to the right frequency and was… Well, Following my previous musings here and the RX tests I have done on the 13cm transverter, I had a bash at testing the TX function today. But if we ever get a 23cm repeater going I'll be ordering a new transverter I've recently upgraded my antenna to a 24el loop yagi, made a good difference to the 9el yagi. We tried 3 different pre-amps for 13cm, but we were not able to receive properly. com. 368Ghz (the 4 th harmonic of 2592 Mhz) can be devised by adding a BAT 15-04 or similar diode directly to the SMA output. Multiplying the 18 MHz computer grade crystal was used in the 23cm simple beacon project and the next 13cm rover transverter will have the same oscillator. Hi OMs! This just a place to exchange and share ideas about our favorite amateur radio Equipment. oscillator locked) from the K3 on 10m. Links Endkundenshop main_nav Produkte Meta-Description. e. In radio engineering, a transverter is a radio frequency device that consists of an upconverter and a downconverter in one unit. Most orders are shipped within two days of ordering. The standard of logging was generally very good with 50% of stations not loosing any points at all. A marker on 10. 30pm in the March SHF UKAC and I set-up both 13cm and 3cm dishes on the tripod at Remenham Hill, my normal /P perch in IO91NM. Waar de IF-frequentie van de 23cm  7 Aug 2013 Whilst waiting for the VK3XDK 2. The DL6WU designs were working well, so another was built for 13cm. 23cm und 13cm Transverter von LZ5HP Einerseits gehört das 23cm Band - ebenso wie 13cm - noch zum UHF-Bereich (300 - 3000MHz), andererseits werden Frequenzen über 1GHz als Mirowellen bezeichnet. 0. Having tried to receive some stations during the 13cm UKAC Contests, it is now time to try transmitting. VHF Communications Complete Index 1969 - 2001 Topic Edition Title Author Pages 1. It still works, but with it’s 3 stage bipolar RF Pre-amp and poor filtering I could only hear the strong signals. nujna nova visokofrekvenčna zunanja enota oziroma BPSK transverter za pas 2. VK3XDK PLL board bolted on top of transverter board, sitting horizontal. 2-3 months to be precise. Making Waves – Higher Bands, Transverters and Kanga. Unfortunately we had no internet connection and only a 70cm connection to the DX-Cluster. com in a single category. We might get a bulk order discount. 27 MB 5; You’ve likely heard of QO-100, or Es’hail 2. I've done a search around and come up pretty empty handed with a 'how to' or even if I should trust Yaesu with this feature. 0 MB 432MHz/144MHz Transverter Manual Braun_LT702. Having received an offer from Ted VK1BL to help me find and fix the problem in my 13cm transverter, I spent an evening with him on 13th June. Transverters are used in conjunction with transceivers to change the range of frequencies over which the transceiver can communicate. transverter control board that enables the use of any 144 MHz drive level up to 10 watts. — Schottkv 23V. 4 GHz local stuff but I still wanted to get on EME. We can offer Linear single band up to a 5-band dish feeds from 1-11GHz, Helix dish feeds with Left or Right Hand Circular Polarization from 1-4GHz, Dual Mode LHCP / RHCP Septum Dish feeds from 1-24GHz, High power single band Horn Dish feeds. This release is very much like a buying two bookends- Bruce has come up with a 144 MHz and 1296 MHz design (he is also working on another pair of transverters to be released soon- 432 MHz and 2304 MHz). The layout is very slightly different. Vers mon site F8CJS. pdf 149. We designed and built a few models of low cost transverter boards with a purpose to bring an affordable and low cost product on the ham radio market. - IF frequency is 144 MHz. Hi Again, I'm just sorting out all the stuff I need to get this SG-LAB TR1300 transverter on the air on top of my CLARK mast. We will be attending Microwave Update in Dallas Texas and our office will be closed from Wednesday Oct 2 thru Tuesday Oct 8. Unlikely I don't have a good-quality photo of this part of the rig. All are working unless stated otherwise. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This 23cm transverter is using a two-stage principle: first is to step from the IF-transceiver at 10m. Even so, for the better sited stations, some DX was there to be had. * Power amplifiers, including a detailed design for a valve amplifier for 23cm plus solidstate amplifiers for 23cm, 6cm, 3cm, 24GHz and 76GHz. It may work for you, but I'd opt for external one. For transmit I launched off into finding all the bits to make a transmitter. Whether or not I'll be able to resist jumping straight to 3cm at some stage we'll have to see. TS-480'in menülerinde dolaştıysanız , bir transverter on seçeneği mevcuttur. Not one to sleep, Bruce, W7BAS, has been burning the midnight oil to bring us two new transverters to add to his current stable of 222 MHz and 902 MHz models. Filename Filetype Filesize; 10GHz up-converter SP2JYR. It was quite easy to go put a pair together using a pair of W6PQL hybrid combiners. I decided to try to move up the microwave bands one by one - so 13cm comes after 23cm  1 Apr 2013 It means this transverter can be used on all 13cm bands world wide 2304 MHz, 2320 MHz, 2401 MHz etc It can be used also as the S53MV  Link Title Pages Size Author 8203-1 13 cm transverter 8p 375k DF5QZ 8203-2 13 cm power amplifier 3p 103k DC8UG 8301-1 6 cm linear amplifier 6p 308k  Mesures sur transverter 13cm F1JGP de F8ACF Release 1 The last but not the least! 1 Plan 1- OL externe MHz 2- Transverter recto/verso rappel synoptique 3-  14 Jul 2016 Since last month I'm QRV on 2302 MHz to, with help from the LZ5HP transverter. DUBUSContestin fewdays. I blew the PTT input protection diode, so that needs replacing. 4 gig - transverter offset) if your upconverter has a local og 1968 (my year of birth grin) then add your 432 megs and you have the 2. JAVORNIK-144/14 is a very high performance transverter for 144 MHz optimized for use with the FT-1000MP as a 14 MHz base station and 0,5 dB of cable loss from the antenna to the RX converter input (no additional RX preamplifiers should be used!!!). This will provide an easily portable, low level 10GHz signal when operating /P, as well as enabling confidence checks on your sensitive transverter, LNA, antenna and rig in the shack. 2 of our transverter features better performance and some new functions. Transverter from 28 MHz to 432 MHz home made. I'd just re-built this transverter into a fresh enclosure, but its output was only around 10 milliwatts! I continued to have problems with this transverter, so for the start of the new 13cm UKAC Contest in 2011 I brought my receive converter back into action, to see what I could hear from my home QTH in the centre of Bolton. . The Upconverter takes the Input Frequency from your Radio and „adds“ the Frequency from the LocalOscillator (LO Frequency) of the Upconverter. Conception inspirée du transverter 13cm à filtres. (This is a rather old photo, but it has a historic background: it actually is the very first digital picture taken from me, in about winter 1987) 13cm transmitter 13cm receiver 23cm transmitter 23cm receiver Video sender video receiver video transmitter 2. 400 MHz Band. Our new transverter's design (v 2. 4Ghz licence free license 13cm 23cm 24cm 13 cm 23 cm 24 cm amateur radio TV ATV eng electronic news gathering video feeds stereo sound 6mhz demodulated sound yagi beam helical eng 2. Once modified 1 these modules give a good performance but with only 50mW of RF you will need a very local repeater to talk to anybody! Presented here is a solution for generating at Details about 144 to 28 MHz TRANSVERTER + ATTENUATOR BOARD 2m 144mhz 146mhz VHF UHF Ham Radio. HF-Vox - is active any time (to protect the transverter of TXing into the RX part ) But there is a manual that can be downloaded from Hrisijans web site where all the above mentioned points are explained. Quickly I worked G4BRK and G4LDR on 13cm SSB. This low level RF is used to drive the EME TWTA. ) or COMPLETE READY transverter see. This Kit requires a suitable low noise +7dBm Local Oscillator, either 2157MHz for 147MHz, 1869MHz for 435MHz. If you happen to over drive your 13cm SG Labs transverter, the circuit is very similar, if not the same as the 23cm version. Úvodem: Roman DJ6EP (ex SP3GDQ) je nadaným konstruktérem elektronických zařízení pro pásma nad 1GHz a jeho dobře opakovatelné konstrukce hrají podstatnou roli v tom, že na pásmu potkáváme stále více a více SP stanic v pásmech 23cm a vyšších. Transverter 10GHz F6bva. Dimitar Spisarevski 3 13cm transverter from SG-Labs. Since the photo was taken in February 2000 the 13cm antenna has been removed and a 6 metre yagi installed. ) NEW! MKU 23 G2 Transverter for 13cm Band (2304 MHz. I had the ID-51 in one hand and the antenna in the other, holding it out the window. Nulla vieta ovviamente di far seguire il transverter da un PA più robusto e i suoi 2w abbondanti possono garantire il pilotaggio di stadi fino a 150w. The MK3 is a PLL locked transverter so simply switching in a different crystal to put the Lo at 2156 instead of 2176 is not an option as it would require a firmware change. Der gleiche Hersteller vertreibt auch einen 23 cm– Transverter, der von vielen unserer Bergfunker schon genutzt wird. There are a few transverters one could buy. Ο πυρήνας του transverter βασίζεται στην πλακέτα του W 1 GHZ. New! 20W Power Amplifier for 2. com 13cm transverter. It is lovely to have the K3 showing the 13cm frequency, setting the right power level into the 70cm transverter, and showing me the band on the P3 Panadapter. The reasoning being I wanted to use an Iceni 70cm transverter with my K3 as the drive source. Assembly of MKU57G2-transverter finished. I'm intending to modify the SG-Labs transverter for "Split Mode" operation  Sep 24, 2012 Having finished the 13cm Transverter it was time to consider an amplifier. This drives a DB6NT 23cm transverter (MKU13G3) running about 3W. I first spoke to David G7UVW at 2. This transverter can deliver about 25w on it's own, and runs on 12v, making it suitable for portable service. Posted on August 20, 2015. For TX is used my 13cm transverter for tropo contests with 50W output power with simple septum feed (cca 8,5dBi gain). K3 Rx Phase Noise: superior charactistics at 14-MHz vs. The circuit diagram shows some signalling used for 6m, 2m, 70cm, 23cm band transverters to avoid damaging 13cm Station. 000 MHz and 146/28 with LO of 118. 4. 6m Transverter and 30W Amplifier; DC Transceiver. 13cm Transverter + PA (new) 13cm Transverter + PA (new) 13cm Transverter + PA (new) 13cm Transverter + PA (new) W5HN North Texas Microwave Society NTMS Backyard Microwave EME What they didn’t tell me Dave Robinson, WW2R NTMS, Denton, Feb 2007 With all the recent talk about the 33cm SG-LABS transverters, I thought I'd float the idea of doing a group buy. April 2000 23cm and 13cm Contests "The combination of average to poor conditions and a low level of activity restricted the QSO numbers in these contests. Today I actually finished it. 23cm Transverter and Bi-Quad antenna – For now ignore the feed line length, I will make up a 200 length of RG58 Cell Foil. 2370PA 1296MHz 65W Amplifier 1315PACK 13cm Power Amplifier Kit Manual Note: NO longer in production 3456-144 3456 MHz Transverter Assembled using MICROLO. This link is listed in our web site directory since Friday Dec 28 2007, and till today "A single board no tuning 23 cm transverter" has been followed for a total of 1574 times. 13cm transverter. I may look at the 13cm (2300MHz) transverter at a later date – also from SG Lab and I will look then to 13cm SSB Elektronics transverter, own design 20w PA and HJFET preamp. Another page on this web site deals with a W1GHZ-based transverter to frequency-shift 145 MHz up/down to 2403 MHz ( / 2. The DL6WU 23cm Yagi I built using K7MEM’s online calculator worked well, so I’m going down the same route. 73 de Johannes No new transverter kits will be stocked or produced. pdf 5. 9GHz filter that retunes to 13cm, spare 13cm preamp and a DEMI TCK. 27dB NF and 39 dB gain MKU13G3 23cm Transverter 23cm 1296MHz 12V PA MRF9060 50W 13cm 2320MHz +28V Out T17 BC547 MRF21060 Reil T16 BC547 +28V 50W Name DL7QY [Wert RX 2 3GHz 2 3GHz 3 Bezeichnung TR2306 Zeichnungs-Nr. Receive  Transverter für 13 cm. Rover in action . Both were my fault. 4Ghz amplifier. TIPO ALFORD,ATV 23cm,23cm Quadrature,DISH 23 CM BAND,23cm Yagi antenna Homepage van Maarten Ouwehand PG1N. 75 db loss. 4/ Préampli. 000 MHz available on a sale. The mesurements of the feed are in the Septum feed measurement section for the 10 GHz transverter. A packaged mixer, 3. Amazing signal considering the path and the location of my grid pack. The agreed segment for EME is 2301. Hello all - I was just reviewing the 897D manual and noticed a couple menu settings for transverter mode. de-Suche Beobachten Kontakt. F8CJS Radioamateur Montage Hyper. 30 GHz with the use of a 432 MHz IF. NEW - NEW - NEW Multiband 13cm Transverter 2,3 GHz Transverter for EME Uplink for the geostationary satellite Es'HailSat-2. Anyway, I thought I’d better get building an antenna. Bâtir un transverter 2304 <-> 144 MHz en réutilisant le maximum de pièces d'un ensemble émetteur/récepteur. Ham Radio DX 469 views. The path is not line of sight and is over 1200m (4000 feet) mountains. 3cm G3WDG kit modules driving own design My today used setup - LNB locked on 25MHz to 10MHz GPSDO (using simple solution by CT1FFU) with 70cm offset dish and SDR Console 3. Ancètre du transverter DEMI_2304 actuel . 50. Denne frekvens deles med 64 og MC145152 og referance på 1MHz fra Rubidium giver en loop spænding til en kapasitets diode som er placeret ved den indbyggede oscillator i transverteren. 3 Watts 3. Power output from the MK1 was 5 watts and my receiver noise figure is around 1 dB. As with my 2. COM. I’m experimenting with an SG-Labs transverter from Hristiyan LZ5HP, Bulgaria. Posted in 23 and 13cm Log Period Antenna, 23 on 23, Amateur Radio, SOTA, SOTA 13cm, SOTA 23cm, SOTA 23cm Summit to Summit, Summits on the Air | Tagged 13cm Transverter, 23 on 23, 23cm Transverter, Amateur Radio, SOTA, SOTA 1296 MHz, SOTA 13cm, SOTA 2. I have not added any postage cost in, partially because there are too many items to go through at the moment, but also because I will have to charge for packing as I don't have any used boxes or bubble wrap that I can recycle, Sorry. I'm sure with more work it could be made to produce the 1. 2007-02-15: Installed new preamp-box in tower. pdf: file: 2630450: 24GHz VHF SSB/CW transverter with pre-amp and power amplifier. Miniverter-F for 2 meters, also 222 or 432 MHz *PC Boards available* A Personal Beacon for 10 GHz. This principle is were possisble to prevent exactly 144Mhz signals for IF. 4 GHz band (13cm) - Duration: 8:23. And yes, that is a new MK2 DB6NT transverter pictured left! I recently treated myself and invested in the kit version of the latest 13cm box. I sent $225 to offset the PayPal This is a complete TX only module linear converter for 2400MHz (13cm band. After replacing the antenna with a dummy load, I keyed the 10e (with 900 mW out) and went thru the simple tune-up procedure for transmit. L. Synectics, COEX,Industrial,CCTV,ATEX,IECEx A 2-meter transverter for Flex-1500 and Microwave Transverters. ) 1) The construction of a Transverter Cross-Band with Capability switching in the RX path enabling activity on 2301MHz - 2304MHz – 2320Mhz- 2424MHz with Synthesizer apolLO-32 of N5AC. Equipment on 13cm - A homebrew transverter based on the DEMI board is used for 2300-2304 MHz. 4GHz output. They are a relatively cheap and easy way to generate some grunt on 13cm. I recently ordered a high-performance Kuhne TR 144 H +40 2m transverter for use with my K3 in an EME station I am building at my new The DCW 2004 B SHF Sequence-Controller provides precise sequential controlled switching of a SHF power amplifier, rig, transverter and LNA/pre-amplifier and also provides a remote feeding voltage for the Super-Amp range of pre-amplifiers via the coaxial cable. 3 cm & 1. Multiplying the 20 MHz crystal from the old hard disc was easy. 4GHz transverter kit to become . Wie auch immer: Unser 23cm Band ist das Tor zum Mikrowellenbereich und ideal für einen Einstieg in dieses faszinierende Gebiet, in dem es für den 144/28 MHZ TRANSVERTER BOARD *** TO BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, YOU ARE GETTING PAYPAL PROTECTION ! *** TO NOTE PLEASE: I also have the 148/28 MHz transverter with LO of 120. 5/ Ampli. This is my 9cm (3. Per il prezzo valeva sicuramente la pena, anche se erano configurati per i 2400MHz. 0,2W) oder man kann mit einem PTT-Eingang arbeiten. 98 MB 4; 432 Collinear From Coax. Due to its linearity the amplifier is usable for all analog and digital modes in amateur radio. Der qatarische Eshail 2 soll am 17. 4GHz. Transverter 900 / 144 MHz. - The LO is a homebrew design and is reflocked to a 10 MHz GPS derived signal using a "VE1ALQ" PLL. Next is to build an SSPA based Building an 13cm SSPA » PH4X on 10/08/2016 at 16:35 […] created an bypass in the first stage. Alum O. 4GHz transverter board. 0) pour QO-100 de CT1FFU, permet d'émettre depuis un poste HF, VHF ou UHF en 28/144/432/1296 Mhz vers le 2400Mhz (13cm) sur la voie montante du satellite QO-100 et le transpondeur en bande étroite (NB). So then I got myself a DEMI 13cm transverter kit. Read what people are saying and join the conversation. uk) so I could have obtained it possibly faster and cheaper but we live and learn. The latest Tweets on #23cm. You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them. 2 cm. pdf: file: 1797546: 24GHz_DMC_bricks_older. * Transverters and transmitters, including two new transverter designs for 23cm and 13cm plus an ATV transmitter for 3cm. Adjustabl Voltage Version 13cm DL6WU home brew 12 element beam With the 13cm transverter construction well and truly under way I needed an antenna for tests. Selling because there just isn't enough activity up here on 13cm to justify keeping it (and not enough 13cm Transvertor DJ6EP pro pásmo 13cm. I’ve picked up an SG Labs 13cm transverter which took a considerable time to get from Bulgaria to Australia. 7. 73 Bryan Harber Qualche tempo fa Roberto IZ0CKM ha segnalato la presenza di alcuni transverter per i 13cm messi in vendita da un collega radioamatore toscano. 000 MHz. The output of the LZ5HP transverter is about 2 Watts and, altough 3 dB to less, enough to feed the second stage. 2007-03-02: Repaired 24 GHz PA and installed tranverterbox in tower again. • Waterproof box and power feed • Small dish antenna G4BAO. N5DUX Ham Radio PDFs 3456 MHz Linear Transverter. 5 MHz, so both bands overlap in a extension of 50 MHz. : +49 (0) 9293 - 800 640 SG-Lab 1296Mhz Transverter. 3 prodajem transverter za 13cm od DB6NT montiran u Al kutiju home made prema slijedećem: MKU 23 G3 MKU PA 231 HXL 20W Sequenzer SEQ 3 plus /mesh/ parabola 2m sa Terms. Why only low power ?? Anyway, why 70cm ?? What is Mini about it ?? This article is to show you how it can be done - simply and at low cost - so that you can get onto the microwave bands easily using that existing HF or HF/VHF transceiver as an IF. SG Lab 23 cm transverter (Dutch Spoken) SG Lab 23 cm transverter (Dutch Spoken) A Ham Radio Transverter for the 2. Welcome 13cm band SSB . WA8NLC. That was the reason that at first the input power was not adjustable. 28-MHz?. * Receive amplifiers, including preamplifiers for 23cm, 13cm, 6cm and 3cm. 10 GHz station: 2,556GHz LO chain  22 Sep 2012 One of the issues with 13cm EME is that more than one frequency band is in use. 23cm filters 13cm filter 13cm Signal Generator 13cm Transverter 120w 13 cm  Het Bulgaarse SG Lab van LZ5HP heeft een 23 en 13 cm transverter uitgebracht. & 5760MHz. 23cm system K3 transceiver driving an Anglian transverter from G4DDK, with the PA module producing up to 8W output at 144MHz. pdf 1. En effet, il couvre les 4 bandes  Transverter 1296 / 144 MHz. 13cm Transverter; 24GHz Transverter; 925 MHz Transverter;  My first transmit tests with a Yaesu FT-818, the SG Lab transverter and a 4 narrow-band transponder, I have decided to use the 13 cm transverter from SG Lab. This is the list of articles available on 20-November-2004. You may find that your 3cm transverter has enough output to ensure you can hear the right level of sun noise, but it is certainly the case that the 13cm transverter needs at least 6dB extra amplification before the 144MHz receive input of the DUO, maybe 10dB, to get the system noise figure back to the sub-1dB level. The pre-driver board can be removed (whatever this does?!) and the transverter fed into the driver amplifier. but now the transceiver gets 2. This page has been accessed 2,182 times. Eingangsleistungsbereich 432 MHz - Input Power 0. 3GHz: Have a look at:- Es gibt von LZ5HP zwei interessante Transverter-Module für 13cm und 23cm mit 2W Ausgangsleistung, die beide zusammen mit Versand (nach OE innerhalb weniger Tage) etwa 400 Euro kosten (Stand 1/2017). There is a very simple one. GEOsat use 3cm. If you want to use a Radio that cannot TX on the 13cm Band on its own you can use an Upconverter. 0) for QO-100, allows to transmit from a HF, VHF or UHF radio from 28/144/432/1296 Mhz to 2400Mhz (13cm) on the QO-100 satellite uplink and the narrowband transponder (NB). Le transverter DXPatrol MK2 (V2. Introduction. Το σήμα του τοπικού ταλαντωτή παράγεται από το τμήμα του RFSynthesizer που βρίσκεται στο κάτω μέρος της κύριας πλακέτας του transverter. 2cm transverter. The Kuhne amplifiers and transverter seen in the previous section, will bring the output power to the level that is required to achieve Earth-Moon-Earth communications in the amateur radio bands. This afternoon I've been doing some basic tests on my DB6NT Mk3 13cm 2320MHz transverter to see if it might work on 2300MHz. 5″ mast, but larger is available upon special order at no extra charge. The new design is 2300 to 2400 where 2320 to 2400mhz can be set to 0. I did the same for my 13cm transverter. The Kuhne transverter covers 1296-1298 MHz and the IF is at 144-146 MHz. A Low-Power 70cm Mini-Transverter. 3GHz. Europe (mainly) uses 2320MHz. 2 MHz USB for SOTA activations without forking out loads of dough for an ICOM IC-910 or IC-9100? Answer a lightweight all mode 2.  This may accomplish two things, Hristiyan might produce them if he has a guaranteed 10 or more on order. I have installed 3. Version MK2: New LO, lockable by internal / external reference in 10 Mhz, 4 differents FI Transverter platform secured by the tripod head locking knob – cool 😉 23cm Transverter and 6el Yagi antenna – LMR195 feed line is now 50% shorter at 500 mm. "Please check out my other items - having a big clearout and adding lots more from monsoon, coast, next, zara, new look, m&s" 13CM Transverter, 2400/144 MHz, Aluminium Case, MKU 23 G3-2400 Prof. MKU 23 G4, 13 cm Transverter. 3cm transverter. 2 miles. Orders over £100GBP are by International Tracked and Signed or by Special Delivery and are in addition to the above prices. Für andere Frequenzen im Bereich 2300 bis 2450 sind laut Vorschriften zwar individuelle Sondergenehmigungen vorgesehen, doch diese werden in der Praxis sehr restriktiv gehandhabt. 2007-01-16: Test on 23cm of 1,5m dish with feed for 23/13/6cm. Applicaton: Transverter for 13 cm band: 25 W Power Amplifier for 23 cm band. CW & Pulsed models, . It also provides the switching voltage functions for the transverter. Power Amplifiers for Radio Amateurs From classic equipment for simple QSOs to high performance modules for contests, EME-operations and satellite radio: Our products provide absolute top performance. Ce design à été développé spécialement pour le trafic EME. The MKU 23G 4 is the new multiband transverter from Kuhne DB6NT, the unit operate in the 4 sub bands from 2,300 to 2,400 MHz   The 4-band El Cuatro 23cm, 13cm, 9cm, 6cm (described herein). It was decided to investigate a method of generating an external GPS locked 120MHz signal to drive the transverter. The pre-amp for 13cm gave us problems. Aluminum — 1000 25V. 5 watt 23 cm transverter from Hristiyan LZ5HP in Sofia Bulgaria. For many they are a fantastic experience to allow those participating the opportunity to test their operating skills, equipment reliability and their ability to establish a fully operational station in some remote… Radios 23cmxvtr_KK7B. IC7400, Ic-910, FT817, 30m folded dipole, 80m horizontal loop. 25m and the 23/13cm band via transverters from the 897D. I'm pretty interested in 1. 00; FUNCube TLM Receive Antenna; £38. •A suitable 2. 6/ Tracking systeme. Some more pictures of my equipment for 13cm moonbouncing together with some technical stuff. Die Bestellung und  Inside of finished 13cm transverter box Inside the transverter box. Following on from my experiment with my 23cm transverter whereby I augmented coax relay isolation by adding a PIN diode in front of the pre-amp . )  24 Apr 2019 The transverter converts the signal from 432 MHz to 2400 MHz at 2 W. članku. Previous Month Next Month January February March April May June July August September October November December. This is a picture of the modified transverter. 8 dB. I have used it with my old Yaesu FT101E during the monthly Tuesday evening contest. More. The Result is the higher Frequency that comes out of the Upconverter. 23cm = Minikits transverter and 1 watt PA. 3 GHz Transverter MK2 DB6NT 2. Rather luckily John G4BAO lives local and had designed and published a nice 45w LDMOS 23cm amplifier. 13cm Transverter and SSPA. The circuitrv has been laid out n ranuc-filled ub tr The receiver Introduction 2. This kit was displayed at the VHF-day in Ringsted, Denmark in February 2011 and was recommended by OZ2LD Christian, who said "This kit is the cheapest and easiest way to become QRV on 23 cm". Hi Simon. 4GHz is a fun band for contesting. La separazione interna RX/TX agevola tra l’altro l’assemblaggio di un blocco rf da esterno da installare nelle vicinanze dell’antenna. My 13cm transverter output is around 400mW, this is not enough to drive the main three brick stage so instead I will leave the 25W driver board in place and attenuate my transverter output to around 10mW. 7 juni 2016 Het Bulgaarse SG Lab van LZ5HP heeft naast zijn 23cm transverter ook een 13cm exemplaar uitgebracht. ON4KST. pdf - 401. Construction is like the others, though it is so dinky! - it's only about 40cm long. Receive sensitivity is a good IC756 - Transverter Driver for 70Mhz and backup 6M & HF FT817ND - 160 - 70cm - Mainly used on WSPR KW2000A - Steam Driven Radio - All Tube Circa 1965 - HF SSB only FT221R - Driver for 13cm Transverter - currently not QRV FT101E - HF Standby - SSB only KW2000B x 2 Am making one good one from the two I have Linear Amps FL2100z HF 70Mhz 1 x An on air contact with my 2. This series of power amplifiers for the 13cm band uses GaAs FETs. I'll reuse the PA and the transverter. after a couple of minutes, the stability was also good. Build a 13 cm <-> 2 m transverter from parts  3 Feb 2019 The supplied 23 and 13cm antennas are fitted with SMA male connectors which can be mounted directly to the transverter RF output female  Transverter 6cm outdoor près de la parabole, sortie vers TRx indoor 144 ou 432 MHz. Australia uses 2301MHz. If you are interested in building equipment for the Amateur Radio microwave bands The Rise and Rise of 6cm EME • G3LTF EME … a brief history 1992 13cm 130# 41 dxcc Low-cost, 6cm transverter on FR4 designed Here are a few items that I have for sale. VK3XDK 1900-2100 multipler board in front, with 2. Amateur Radio Field Days have the ability to conjure up many and varied images depending on the experiences of those involved while portable. There used to be a 13cm option for the ICOM IC-970H and a Kenwood mobile FM rig for 13cm, but those are quite rare and very expensive on the second hand market. IOMHz PTT H: 12V RX L Transverter TX RX 5 1 OGHz 5 6GHz 2 3GHz 2 3GHz The tilt down/tilt up process takes only 10 minutes. The transverter is working with a 100 Watts GaAs-FET amplifier stage and a noise figure of 0,65 dB. 23cm transverter. Buy ZX Antennas-hf-vhf-uhf-23cm-13cms antenna for best prices at radioworld. 13cm transverter

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